The Symetra Prestige Difference tool compares guaranteed income and illustrated accumulation potential from the Symetra Prestige annuity with optional Signature Plus Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit rider to a comparison product.

Case Inputs

Input premium, issue age, income deferral (in years), and income type (joint or single) for the desired case.

In the Prestige Allocation section, enter the desired allocation among the available index account options. Total allocation must sum to 100.

Comparison Inputs

Run an illustration from the product being compared, using the same issue age, premium, income deferral, and income type. From that illustration, input the following two values:

  • Guaranteed Annual Income provided by the comparison product's rider
  • Illustrated Account Value by the comparison product at the specified age


The tool will calculate the guaranteed income and illustrated account value for Symetra Prestige and shows a comparison of total income and accumulation at the stated age. Results are shown in the following two different ways.

1. Same Premium
Assumes that both products are run at the same premium, comparing income, account value, and totals at the stated age.

2. Same Income
Solves for the premium for Symetra Prestige such that the guaranteed income matches the comparison product.